Tomato fight with Zac

Tom-foolery for next Cuisine poster...

Je suis cuisiner!


Underworld Live!

Absolutely bloody awesome!! You can't prepare yourself! See them! Photo by Dan Horitz.


Cuisine Shoot

Had great fun shooting the next Cuisine poster, was really great to work with Joanie and Nico and co. Didn't think this would really work but we managed it in the end. Want to try and develop this photo-projection idea some more I think.


Infinite Livez

Marvin and Ewan

Peacock chills backstage

A peacock butterfly decided to chill backstage with us so I asked it if I could make a quick portrait and it gladly obliged.

QuWack (E)

Thouroughly enjoyed! Really interesting idea and Qu team managed to pull it off very successfully. Was like a blurred soundclash where artists collaborated for a bit, then did a solo set and then collaborated with the next artist and so on.


St. Paul's Carnival '07

Strolled down for some chicken, rice and peas at lunchtime. Gotta be done. What a great vibe - shame 'bout news there was some aggro later on. Was embarassingly unprepared without my camera but managed to get a few with my phone before the battery died.


Send More Paramedics!

Zombiecore! Brain-munching sillyness.