Puzzled Lucy on Tooting Common. X


At Bush Hall, Shepherd's Bush. The Elementalists, Bass Clef and Imperial Leisure.



Classic crossover action from the hog on the right.

Cuisine 7

Schweet night. Apparat and the Octopussy girls rocked it. Seems to get better every time. Went crazy with Photoshop on these, not sure if I love it or hate it. There's a few more at www.hijackbristol.co.uk/board/index.php/topic,32364.100.html


Brigstocke Road

Enormous squat party on Brigstocke Road. This was a block of five houses with the gardens connected, a tent and live bands outside and multiple rigs inside. From what I hear it was one of the biggest house partys in years and probably will be the biggest for a while. Its not often you get five houses in a row up for a mega house trasher.


Higher Ground

Chuck and Barry hit this night a treat. Did get a bit too drunk though and had a little barf over my phone. Hope all goes well in the future for this night guys.

Montpelier Destruction 2

No more Audi garage. Just a load of gravel and piles of rubble. Rich people need somewhere to live I suppose.


Exhibition Poster

Just finished first draft of the end of year production poster. Tis a bit of a mish-mash but pleased with it I think. Safe Tom for prancing around the street in a dress. That's dedication.


Last weekend


Difficult to think that someone lives or has lived here but on the other hand not at all difficult. The building that this is in is going to be demolished soon.



A trio of sailors walking down the street to have a game of football in their whites: could get messy.