The Sugarhill Gang @ Clockwork

Support: Imperial Leisure and Skinnyman.

ILLEGAL SEAGULL @ The Junction 28.04.07

Happy grindcore in your face aller!! GTUK and The Infants at distorted children's party.


Glory, glory...

Came across hundreds and hollering football fans at lunch today. 10 riot vans and even more riot police than there were fans. They were being marched up Gloucester Road for some reason, shouting all the way.


Summer vibes

There isn't a place quite like St. Andrews Park in the summer for chilled summer vibes.


Shove the dove

Offender Pigeon B on the left clocks the coy come-on from Pigeon A; a swift mount ensues; OK, at least there's some reach-around courtesy; Victim Pigeon A left to contemplate the breach of avine liberties alone. Cheeky.

Ready for action!

Here's Dan awaiting command.

Help the Aged @ Clockwork

Haven't posted on here in quite some time due to the stressful and hectic work schedule. Getting some shots at Clockwork was a much needed release. Awesome music put on courtesy of The Anomalies and Los Albertos.