BYTE - Hotflush Special

Great bassy place - Scuba, Walsh, Luke Envoy! Here's a few grainy shots salvaged from the night. Night-time shootin' on film ain't easy. I must try not to get too used to digital.


A bum I found...

"It has been projected that by the year 2090, futuristic death stadiums known as 'Hobodomes' will begin to pop up across America. Partly inspired by the film 'Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome' and also partly inspired by America's love of whomping winos, the Hobodome will feature the vagrantiest vagrants of the world pitted against each other in vicious and hilarious battles. The loser recieves death, the winner recieves a box of wine and a coupon for a free meal at Sizzler."
- Uncyclopedia


Graduate Fashion Week

@ Battersea Park Arena, London.


Lizard Hi Tone

Bezzy mates yeah?

VENN '07 - Sunday 3rd June

A Hawk and A Hacksaw with The Hun Hangar Ensemble - a great end to an excellent and eye-opening three days of Venn. Respect and thanks to the Venn team.


VENN '07 - Saturday 2nd June

Green Gartside; Safety Scissors; Justice Yeldman & The Dynamic Ribbon Device; Paavorharju; Spring Heel Jack with J Spaceman & Mark Sanders; Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip; Vexkiddy; Jason Forrest Band and an incredible set from Mr. Vibert.


VENN '07 - Friday 1st June

Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra

Robin Fox

Faust with Colin Potter