Infinite Livez

Marvin and Ewan

Peacock chills backstage

A peacock butterfly decided to chill backstage with us so I asked it if I could make a quick portrait and it gladly obliged.

QuWack (E)

Thouroughly enjoyed! Really interesting idea and Qu team managed to pull it off very successfully. Was like a blurred soundclash where artists collaborated for a bit, then did a solo set and then collaborated with the next artist and so on.


St. Paul's Carnival '07

Strolled down for some chicken, rice and peas at lunchtime. Gotta be done. What a great vibe - shame 'bout news there was some aggro later on. Was embarassingly unprepared without my camera but managed to get a few with my phone before the battery died.


Send More Paramedics!

Zombiecore! Brain-munching sillyness.