Montpelier destruction

Finally managed to shoot the Bath Buildings demolition site today after the debacle of the other night's wasted nocturnal visit. Walked around it a few times trying to find the damn site office and eventually found it where it was, predictably, the same old story with access. "No way you're coming in mate, it's not worth my job." And I didn't have a hard-hat, steel toe boots or high-visibility tabard. So I dejectedly walked off but thought I'd try the stone-mason's round the corner to see if I could borrow some gear having met one guy in there once. Fuck it, it was worth a shot. And Paul the stone-mason treated me to the whole lot. So I crammed my size 11's into his size 9's and crunched back round to the site entrance in my hat and tabard. One of the guys walked round with me as I still wasn't supposed to be there but I guess he was surprised that I'd managed to conjure up all the gear in a few minutes. There was still evidence of the artist's who'd used it before, art amongst the rubble. Glad I managed to get some shots before it all goes.

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